Long Overdue. I’m A DREAMER.


June 15, 2012 President Barack Obama announced the deferred deportation of up to 800,000 young illegal immigrants.To some this has is long overdue, for immigration reform was on of Obama’s campaign promises in 2008. But I like to look at it as better late then never. Growing up when we were asked what we wanted to be we would answer with ” Police Men, Firefighter, Astronaut, ” anything that came to mind was a right answer because we were told that we could be anything we want to be, nothing was out of the realm of possibility. But for me those dreams soon began to fade and reality made its presence known. The dreams of becoming a police men were shattered, the dream of becoming a firefighter forgotten, the dream of becoming an astronaut gone. Learning of my immigration status was devastating. I felt all my hard work go down the drain, everything i had worked to gain would soon mean nothing after high school. When Obama made his announcement it was surreal moment. Obama’s message instilled me with something Obama always proclaimed. Hope. Hope that i have a future in this country, hope that i will no longer fear deportation, hope that i can pursue my dream. This is a small step into the long journey. I’m the criminal i’m believed to be. I’m not the law breaker i’m presumed to be. I’m a DREAMER.

Cada vez que dices “no puedo” pierdes la oportunidad de demostrarte a ti mismo de las cosas que eres capaz.

ACT this Tuesday


i havn’t been this nervous about anything ever /: 

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